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Tim Kiusalaas

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Limited Edition Prints:

Each Limited Edition print will be produced in limits of 450 prints. This means that after the 450 prints are sold, no more will be produced by us - ever. As the edition sells the price goes up. For every 10 prints sold the price increased approximately 10 percent. This is attractive to collectors who are looking for an investment that will increase over time, especially when an edition sells out.

Our limited edition prints are printed on the finest silver-halide paper. This paper is one of the most archival papers available. This printing material gives the photographs incredible depth and dimension. Images will appear to change as the room lighting changes. People have nicknamed it the “high definition” paper because of the sharpness and incredible details that can be seen in the prints. Although it is much more expensive to produce, silver-halide prints are spectacular. We guarantee your satisfaction.

The photos are then back mounted to lucite so you can hang them without a frame or choose from our many linen liners and frames.


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